My Purpose and Goal in Running for City Council is to Work for You, the Residents of Ward Pihêsiwin.


1. City and Economic Resilience

I will work to ensure that the City becomes more financially resilient while building an economic environment where local businesses can thrive.

The pandemic has been hard on so many of us and as we come out of it, I believe the City needs to look beyond recovery and focus on our collective resilience. As an organization, the City needs to look at greater investments and revenue generation, with less reliance on the Province and taxpayers, in order to secure our sustainable future. 

We need to ensure that Edmontonians and our local businesses have the support they need to thrive. From programming to policy, we need to look within our region and beyond for social, technological, and economic innovation. We also need to ensure unnecessary barriers are removed for local businesses, such as the cumbersome permitting process for food trucks, etc.

2. Transparency and Inclusion

I will work to ensure the voices of all Edmontonians are heard and reflected in the City’s decision-making, policies, programs, and services.

Currently, not everyone in our Ward and City feels included or reflected in our local municipal government. This might be because of our race, economic standing, culture, sexual orientation, religion, or even age. It might also be because we don’t see ourselves in the City’s decision-making processes, policies, programs, and services.

Inclusion impacts the daily lives of many residents in Ward Pihêsiwin and across the City. It shows up in many ways and forms, from feeling safe while out walking in our communities, to engaging with the City, to finding gainful employment, to finding healthy and affordable housing.

Drinking Coffee
Garbage Truck

I will work to ensure that City services are improved and inclusively delivered in Ward Pihêsiwin and beyond.

3.  Improved Services for Residents

In our Ward we face challenges in the level of services that we receive. Often road maintenance and snow clearance are lacking. We also find that our parks have overflowing garbage bins with dog waste. City services are important to us, not just for aesthetic reasons, but for our health and safety. 

Being in an outer-ward, poverty, abuse, and addiction are often hidden behind closed doors, but it exists none-the less. Homelessness and poverty are complicated because it’s not just about finding homes for Edmontonians. It's about basic human rights, and often comes down to issues of inclusion, mental health, economic disparity, and the provision of a minimum living wage. I believe that it’s important that we help our friends and neighbours who are struggling, and that we put appropriate services in place to provide support and shelter.

I know that many of the other wards face the same challenges. In any case, services for Ward Pihêsiwin need to be improved. I believe there needs to be greater engagement with residents to understand our needs and to brainstorm new ideas on how services can be delivered more efficiently and effectively.

I will work to ensure that all new City infrastructure and replacement infrastructure, along with all new houses, infill, and renovations are climate-resilient and energy efficient. 

4. Resilient Infrastructure and Housing

A large amount of our tax dollars are spent on the maintenance and repair of City infrastructure, including roads, utilities, and buildings. Residents also spend a tremendous amount of money on home maintenance, water, and energy bills.

I believe that we need to invest in more climate-resilient materials for City infrastructure and our homes while taking advantage of smart technology, and energy efficiency. By doing so, we will all save money in the long term.

I understand that this will include changes to the provincial building codes (which the City can advocate for), along with changes to development and construction models. I want to work with the development community and homeowners to explore how best these changes can be made.

House Frames

5. Better Connectivity

I will work to ensure that Ward Pihêsiwin has easy and efficient transportation options that serve all of us, not just some of us.

In building a healthy and sustainable future, while taking climate action, it’s important that we can all move around our neighbourhoods and the City in an easy and efficient manner, using our choice of transportation.

Often roads and driving connections receive the most attention in our City budget. But not everyone wants to own, can afford, or due to physical ability, can operate an automobile. We all deserve viable options for transportation, automobiles are just one option, there are many more, including cycling, on-demand services, and public transit.

The Edmonton transit bussing system has just undergone some major changes that have made it really difficult and inefficient for many of us to commute to work, run errands, and attend appointments within and outside of Ward Pihêsiwin. The City needs to revisit and revamp the changes that have been made while engaging the residents of our Ward.

I believe that Edmonton’s roads, sidewalks, pathways, and cycling lane system needs to be developed in such a way that it prioritizes humans over cars. Roads can be designed to be efficient and safe for all users, while accommodating all modes of transportation, walking, cycling, rolling, buses, LRT, etc. 

All of our roads, sidewalks, pathways, cycling lanes, and LRT should be well-connected and serve all of us, regardless of transportation need or preference.

Positive Change

I am committed to you, our community, and our city. Your vote to make the positive change for you, our families, our friends, and our future is for me.