Hi, I'm Guiscela


My name is Guiscela Perez Arellano, and I am 33 years old. I am originally from Durango, Mexico,
located just two hours inland from Mazatlan. Durango is not one of the biggest cities in Mexico and
probably not a touristic one either. Still, it has amazing landscapes as it is just beside the "Sierra Madre",
which is the Mexican part of the Rocky Mountains.

My father, mother, and brother live in Mexico; they have each pursued a career in architecture.

In 2004, I was an exchange student with Rotary International and had the opportunity to travel abroad
to discover a whole new world in Europe, especially in Germany. I met people from all around the world,
and some of them are still my closest friends after 15 years. In 2008, I returned to Europe, to Paris,
France and worked as an Au-pair.


I studied Public Relations in Guadalajara, Mexico. I have a certificate as an Image Consultant and while studying, I decided to run for student council and was elected as Vice President for a two-year term.

After graduating with a degree in Public Relations, I returned to Durango and taught Public Relations, German, English, and French for 2 years. In December 2012, I arrived in Canada. I began my career as a nanny with some incredible families. Once I received my permanent residence, I started working in IT.

In May 2019, I proudly became a Canadian Citizen. Moving to Canada and leaving everything behind has not been easy. Living abroad has given me a global perspective on important human rights issues.  And Edmonton is a wonderful city for me to make a difference.


The different cultures I have experienced have made me realize how important it is to give back to our community.

Marble Surface


Building a Community for All

I want to work toward a world I can be proud to raise my children in. I want to help Edmontonians live free of racism and injustice. I want to ensure Edmontonians do not have to suffer from cold or hunger.


Change starts with us. Here’s what I’ll do:

  • Make environmentally friendly choices in all aspects of my life to reduce my carbon footprint

  • I believe in a world that is truly diverse and is inclusive of every race, religion, gender, and background

The people who know me, know that I stand against injustice no matter how big or small.  I have a strong voice for all, and as a woman, I believe in equal representation and we need a stronger, more diverse voice representing Edmontonians on City Council. Therefore, I am running to be your Councillor.

As a young,  immigrant woman, I can bring a different perspective to the table. I have a heart for servant leadership and I bring aglobal perspective.  I care about our future, our neighbourhood,our ward, and our city.